High Vibration vs Low Vibration: Understanding States of Consciousness

Daniel Hannah
6 min readOct 26, 2023

As a human being, the experience of consciousness can range dramatically. There are so many unique feelings that we experience, from the deepest forms of suffering to the highest states of bliss. So how can we make sense of this experience?

The quality of your life depends on your vibration. Your vibration refers to the quality of energy that you experience. Imagine every emotion on a spectrum with high vibrational energy

Whether you’re going through the absolute depths of hell, or you feel like you’re living in heaven on Earth depends on your vibration. This is something that is crucial to understand, as your vibration is the very foundation of your life experience, whether it be heavenly, hellish, or anything in between.

In this article, I’m going to really break down what vibration means and how it works without all the spiritual jargon so it’s easy to digest regardless of whether you’re far into your spiritual journey, or just beginning.

What is vibration?

Energy is the fundamental building block of all creation. Energy is vibratory in nature, and the rate of vibration of energy determines the quality and expression of that energy. Therefore, vibration refers to the quality of energy.