My Terrifying Encounter With A Real Demon

Daniel Hannah
11 min readApr 16, 2024

I’ve had a fascination with astral projection for years, and the occasions where I fully disconnected from my body were nothing short of profound. A few weeks ago, however, I experienced the dark underbelly of such experiences and encountered something truly terrifying.

While working within different realms of consciousness, it’s not unusual to encounter entities. These entities come in many forms, each with unique energies, personalities, and intentions.

Exploring different realms of consciousness in spirit is an incredible experience, but there are things out there that we want to steer clear of, yet sometimes we will be forcibly reminded of their existence.

Thankfully, we’re relatively sheltered from dark spirits while on this Earthly plane. For the most part, they can’t reach us. But this is a different story when we step into their territory, and it’s something that needs to be cautioned.

Here I’m going to tell you about my face-to-face encounter with a dark entity during astral projection, and everything I’ve learned about it.

My astral projection experience

Watch my video about this experience here:

Astral projection is a tedious process. I’ve attempted hundreds of times to no avail, while on the odd occasion, I entered a bizarre but beautiful realm teeming with life. A few weeks ago, everything changed when I was forcibly catapulted from my body into the grasp of a demonic presence.

I was lying in bed feeling restless and thinking about some big impending decisions in my life. Astral projection was the last thing on my mind, I had no desire or intent to leave my body, yet something odd happened.

Out of the blue, I heard my dad’s voice call out my name. His words were crystal clear like he was in the room, and this was enough to instantly snap me to full awareness.

“What on Earth was that?’”

I sat up in bed with my ears perked. My dad is on the other side of the world, yet I heard his disembodied voice as clear as day.

Within moments, a deafening ringing pierced my ears. Before I had a chance to react, my body began rapidly vibrating as my vision brightened and stretched out — revealing patterns, and what I can only describe as energy.

Even though this sensation felt familiar, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Due to the intensity of the experience, I knew it was the real deal — there was no doubt in my mind that this was just a dream, hallucination, or sleep paralysis.

I’ve been here before’ I thought. with mixed emotions of nerves and excitement.

My grip on reality was rapidly deteriorating as I felt myself being sucked out of my body by some unidentifiable force. I didn’t know what was happening, but when a spiritual experience comes knocking at my door, I seize the opportunity to explore it. I laid back down in bed and allowed myself to be absorbed into this alternate realm of experience.

The demonic presence

Within moments, I began to feel uneasy.

‘something doesn’t feel right’ I thought.

Still in shock by the speed and spontaneity of this experience, I began to notice a quality of energy in this space that was anything but inviting. This dense energy instantly put me on edge — as if I was in physical danger.

‘Okay, this isn’t good’ I thought as this dark presence became more prominent.

I immediately thought there could be a dark spirit here. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve encountered one. Theoretically, I know what to do if that were to be the case, but it doesn’t ease the nerves.

‘Just hold the space and be in a place of love, and all will be right’.

I envisioned myself in a safe aura of golden light, however, the darkness became more intense. Naturally, I began to worry. My efforts to spread light weren’t working, and I was seemingly trapped in this space. All I wanted to do was snap out of this eerie space I found myself in.

This is when I started hearing a deep demonic-sounding voice whispering to me. Although I couldn’t make out the words, it sounded like they were right next to me.

Never have I heard disembodied voices so clearly. Even though a part of me was in awe about this experience, I was encapsulated with dread and began to panic.

I was vulnerable and I didn’t have the experience to deal with something like this, which only made me more afraid. It felt like my body was collapsing under its weight, and my Manipura (solar plexus energy center) had a dense, almost painful sensation to it.

This wouldn’t be the first time a dark entity focused its intent on my Manipura. This is a common theme with dark spirits, perhaps because my center of power is my weakest energetic point, and it still has some substantial wounding from childhood.

Fear to dread

I reached behind my back to grab onto the bed while trying to free myself from this disembodied state, hopefully grounding myself to reality.

To my surprise, my arm brushed through the air with nothing to obstruct it. As I was reaching behind my back in a state of complete bewilderment I spouted ‘Oh my god I’m levitating!?’

Keep in mind, I didn’t know I was astral projecting at this stage. During this moment I still thought I was in my physical body. I didn’t realize that I was in my astral body until later on after the experience ended.

This is when I snapped myself out of this state and landed on the floor next to me. All I wanted to do was turn on the light so I could at least see what was happening.

I began brushing my hands against the wall near the door looking for the light switch in pitch darkness — while the whispers from this entity continued. In my desperate attempt, I couldn’t find the switch, so I opened the door and attempted to find the light switch on the other side in a desperate scramble to orient myself.

As I peered down the short hallway outside my bedroom, I noticed a dark silhouette in a cloak sitting in the living room. I stood there paralyzed.


I gasped for air and opened my eyes in bed. I was emotionally dysregulated as the ringing in my ears continued. I was disoriented and felt incredibly out of place, still wary if this entity was around.

Without hesitation, I reached for my phone light. The exact moment I turned on the screen, a message came through from a Huachumera (Huachuma Shaman) I worked with when I was living in Ecuador.

“Hi Daniel, your dad is here, it was great meeting him, he is very proud of you” — the Huachumera said, referring to her shamanic healing center in Ecuador.

I would have been more stumped by this synchronicity if this ringing had subsided, but I couldn’t focus. It was just so damn loud.

I turned on the bedside lamp, put my phone down, and spent some time recollecting myself. It took about ten minutes for the ringing to subside, and I then sat in silence for another ten minutes thinking about what happened. I was now wide awake, and it was only around 1 am.

Shortly after, I messaged back telling the Huachumera what had happened. If there is anyone who knows about this stuff, it’s her.

These were her actual words:

“Your dad was probably helping you saying a kind of ‘look out!’ The dark spirit means you’re graduating to the next level of your astral projection game! It’s good! You’re ready to play in the big leagues now! Congrats. So get used to this, these spirits you’re going to be inviting back to source someday soon, it will be your otherworldly work.

It all clicked.

I was astral projecting!

That’s why the experience was so familiar. I’ve experienced the same gateway phenomenon every time I fully disembodied. Although this experience was involuntary and much quicker, it was the same phenomenon.

What are dark spirits?

I spent the next day chatting with the Huachumera about my encounter.

She told me that people who are learning to astral project will eventually encounter dark spirits. As we encounter benevolent spirits who want to help us, it’s just a matter of time until we run into the darker underbelly of the spiritual dimensions.

The spiritual realm is a fascinating place teeming with all sorts of life. As with people, we can lean towards darkness or light. Each person is unique with their own personality, motives, and intentions.

Spirits are quite similar.

There are many beautiful loving, angelic spirits out there, but as with duality — if there is light, there is also darkness.

Darkness exists in the void of light. When any being loses touch with the light — of energies of love, gratitude, compassion, and kindness, they enter states of consciousness that are tormenting and destructive.

I perceive dark spirits as wounded souls who have lost their connection to source — in the same sense ‘bad’ people are wounded people because their attitudes and actions are a manifestation of their internal reality.

Even though some people do terrible things, can we blame them? Does evil really exist, or do individuals just stray too far from god?

When you begin entering other realms of consciousness, whether it’s via astral projection, shamanic ceremonies, or energy healing, you’re popping your head into their world, so these spirits become aware of you.

Although I’m still not sure why I was spontaneously pulled out of my body, it reinforces the fact that there are dark spirits out there, and sometimes we might land in their crosshairs.

Dark spirits want to feed off you

Even though this was the most intense encounter I’ve had, it was not my first encounter with dark spirits. I’ve bumped into a few via ceremonies, meditation, and within my day-to-day life. I’ve witnessed a few exorcisms and learned some valuable wisdom from the shamans performing them.

Dark spirits feed off dense energy. They intend to lower your vibration by provoking feelings of fear, anger, shame, guilt, and resentment.

Imagine they’re sucking out your dense energy through a straw. If you’re not experiencing much dense energy, they will squeeze as much of this sweet nectar out of you as they can.

Dark spirits are very good at identifying your wounds, and leveraging them. If they sense you’re in a conflict with someone, they may play on your guilt, shame, or hatred, and stir the pot. If they see you lack self-love, they will do everything in their power to kick you while you’re down.

This is why deeply wounded people are often beacons to dark spirits. These spirits see a buffet, and often attach themselves to these vulnerable victims — often resulting in mental illness, suicide, perversion, psychopathic behavior, or in extreme cases, killings.

And they do this by attempting to scare you. Maybe they will play on your guilt, or press your buttons to make you feel angry. The more pain they can cause you to feel, the more they benefit from you.

In my experience, dark spirits try to scare you. Fear is a particularly juicy energy for them, and it doesn’t take a lot to make people experience it.

Envisioning yourself with radiant golden light can act as a protective barrier between you and the entity. Although envisioning yourself being surrounded by this golden light, this can be difficult to do when you’re under the spell of fear.

What to do when encountering a dark spirit

High vibrational energy is a repellant to dark energies.

If you can experience energies such as love, gratitude, or compassion in the presence of a dark spirit, they want nothing to do with it. This is another reason they try to scare you: fear will quickly dissolve the high vibrational energies you’re experiencing.

The challenge is to hold that space. You might think it seems simple — the fear is all in your mind so just maintain a space of love and you’ll be right. But it’s not all in your mind. These experiences are very real, and when you’re in the presence of a dark spirit you feel a visceral danger.

Imagine you’re in an old house by yourself, and suddenly furniture begins moving, you see shadows, hear noises, and perceive something in that house that wants to harm you. Would you be able to hold a space of love?

Probably not, at least not without being very centered in yourself and indifferent to whatever you’re experiencing.

Unless you’re very advanced with this sort of work, you’re probably going to panic. Especially when the nature of the being is otherworldly, you don’t know what you’re dealing with. It’s unknown which makes the encounter even more eerie.

With that said, try your best to hold love for the being. This light energy will ward off the dark spirit, or better yet, convert it. If you can project this light energy toward the spirit by genuinely wanting to help it, then you may even get through to it, and illuminate a better path for the spirit to take.

Affirm your stance

Remember, despite how frightening the encounter is, you are in power. If you stand in your power and firmly tell the spirit it’s not welcome, it won’t be able to get to you.

This needs to be done with confidence (not anger, because that will attract it). Again, spirits feed on low-vibrational energy. Therefore, if you’re standing in your power and not falling into their games, there’s not a whole lot they can do.

Some people will call on the name of Jesus, or god. Although I’m not sure if words really make a difference as it’s more about the energy you’re experiencing, some people claim that telling the spirit to leave in the name of Jesus works.

I believe it’s more the confidence and faith that someone experiences by using the name of a benevolent figure they hold closely in their heart. In this sense, I imagine falling back on any icon you hold in your heart may work, it doesn’t need to be Jesus if you don’t genuinely love Jesus.

Send them back to the source

We have the power to send these spirits back to source, but the spirit must be willing — meaning you must get through to it.

I haven’t sent any spirits back to source myself as I’m relatively inexperienced, but from what I’ve heard, you may be able to reach through the darkness and tap into the soul of the entity.

This can take practice because first, you need to practice holding your light in the face of darkness. But if you can do so, you can help these spirits — at least the ones that want to go home.

Ask the entity what has hurt them. Ask them if they’re ready to start a new experience, and make sure you do it from a place of genuine compassion and love.

From my understanding, if you can reach the soul within the darkness, and they agree to be helped, other spirits such as angels will appear in space and bring them back to the source to be transmuted into raw energy.

Essentially, when a dark spirit wants to be helped, that’s the end of its lifecycle, where it can be transmuted into something else.