The Spiritual Laws of the Universe: What Are They?

Daniel Hannah
11 min readNov 26, 2023

Our universe didn’t come to be due to random coincidence. Our universe (Pachamama) is a deliberate creation of a higher power, and a realm to experience different expressions of consciousness in.

In order for consciousness to undergo experience, it must have some sort of container to host that consciousness. This is where Pachamama comes in: As a fertile, physical space where souls can incarnate to have extraordinary experiences.

But as a creation, there needs to be some sort of framework for the universe, otherwise it simply wouldn’t work. These frameworks are understood as the universal laws, or laws of the universe which act as the design principals of this container.

This topic might be a lot to take in, but I’m going to do my best to explain the universal laws and my understanding of them in this article.

What are the universal laws?

Beyond the laws of physics, our universe is comprised of fundamental laws that allow it to function as it does. These universal laws act as the nuts and bolts of our universe and facilitate the experiences that we’re currently undergoing.

If you look at our universe as a project, the universal laws are the architecture. Otherwise, you can look at the universal laws as the coding of a program. This website needs to be coded to facilitate the experience of reading this content. You don’t see the coding, but this website wouldn’t function without it. The universe works in a similar way.

These laws apply to every level of our universe, from macro to micro. They are fundamentally intertwined to facilitate the system we know as life, and the experiences that life undergoes.

The law of attraction is one of the most recognized laws, but there are many others too. Even though it’s generally accepted that there are 12 laws of the universe, nobody really knows how many laws of the universe there are, and what constitutes a law. There really is no objective number.

In most cases, the laws of the universe are a mashup of different ancient philosophies and scriptures, most notably from the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. However, the laws of the universe incorporate the philosophies of many cultures and religions.

The way I see it is that the main spiritual laws are what the major spiritual belief systems and practitioners would agree upon (more or less), because they’re universal. Whether you’re a Monk in Tibet, a guru in India, or a shaman in the Sierra of Peru, they would probably nod and say ‘Yep, that’s true’.

Many of these laws are also found within different religions, however, they go by different names and may have different interpretations. At the end of the day, it’s all the same thing. Just different packages for the same present.

To learn more about this phenomenon of universal teachings, visit the link below:

Why is it important to learn the universal laws?

Imagine our universe as a spiritual School. This is where souls come to master certain elements of their existence, by living out different experiences and learning throughout those experiences. If you know the rules of the school, you’re probably going to learn quicker, and with more ease. If you don’t, you may make a lot of mistakes and have a hard time.

Understanding the spiritual rules of our universe helps you navigate it with greater ease. They will provide a deeper application of your spiritual growth, and cause less friction in the process.

Here I’ll give my take on 10 of the universal laws, and why they’re so crucial to live by. They may be slightly (or majorly) different interpretations to those preached within new-age spirituality, but these are what I live by, and they simply make a lot of sense to me.

I’ve previously written detailed articles on each of these laws which I’ll add a link to, so you can get a more in-depth explanation about each particular law.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Law of unity

At the deepest level of consciousness, we are all the same being. We are all god, and our universe is like a dream of god. So even though we are experiencing individuality right now, if you go deep enough into your consciousness, you don’t exist.

Since we are all expressions of the same consciousness, this means that we are fundamentally connected energetically. We understand this as the collective consciousness. Because everything is connected energetically, your experience as an individual is influenced by other experiences, and so forth.

You can look at the law of unity in a way where we are like cells creating a body. Although within the universe we are separate organisms, together we create the entire reality we’re experiencing. Pachamama is like the shell that hosts souls (another layer of consciousness), but the state of the collective determines what resides inside that shell.

The law of unity sets the framework for the other laws, as these laws refer to how energy interacts. By understanding the law of unity, you realize that inherently we are god, and that true fulfillment comes by connecting more deeply with god.

Law of causation

If something has an outwards movement (to occupy a space), by nature something else must have an inwards movement (to have its space occupied). If there is a pull, there must also be a push. Everything will have a response on some level, and all labors will fruit in some form, this is physics.

If you walk down a hill, you’re going to have to walk back up at some point. If you exert energy, it’s going to use your bodies resources, and you’re going to need to replenish those resources. No matter what you do, there is some sort of consequence.

Look at it this way. The energy you put into developing your skills results in the development of those skills. The effort you put into your work will create the result of that work, otherwise what you gain from the effort put in will be proportionate to what you get back (knowledge, wisdom, money, skills, credibility).

Therefore, keep your energy as clean as possible and be aware of the outcomes that you are manifesting. Your life is a result of your actions, so make those actions count and avoid actions that have consequences.

Law of relativity

Think about the size of any given thing. You would say the Earth is big and an ant is small, but that’s because you’re comparing these things to ourselves. Compared to a galaxy, the Earth is like a grain of sand. Compared to an atom, an ant is enormous.

There is no roof or floor to size because space in itself is infinite. No matter how much you zoom in or zoom out, that space will always be occupied by something. There is always an increment smaller, and there is always a bigger fish.

Time is also relative. What does a long time mean to you? Is it a year, a million years, a day? The span of your life might seem like a long time, but it’s really just the blink of an eye compared to the lifespan of a planet. A fly might not live for a long time, but from its perspective, it could feel like a very long time. Without a point of reference, we are unable to label things.

So where does that leave you? Well, the lifespan of Pachamama is probably like the blink of an eye for god. Your entire life is a blip in an endless sea, so maybe you’ll stop and smell the roses.

Law of nonresistance

There is a natural rhythm of the universe and life within. When we flow with that rhythm rather than fighting against it, we find a sense of equanimity within life.

That’s because every phenomenon has a passage that is organically followed. That passage could be the violent explosion of a star. That natural passage could be the stream of a thought or the occurrence of a painful emotion. When left to run its course, there will be a natural conclusion, and the experience will change.

Living by the law of nonresistance doesn’t mean that you don’t challenge yourself. It’s not to refuse doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Nonresistance is to avoid creating any forcing currents in your life and follow where your intuition, thoughts, and feelings are leading you.

Embrace the grand flow of life and don’t resist when it’s pushing you in a certain direction. Avoid causing friction with your internal and external environment, and your life will flow organically.

Law of impermanence

The law of impermanence allows there to be an ever-moving nature to our reality, where all things are temporary. And that’s what life is really about. Growth, decay, evolution, birth, and death. There is a constant flux of change, and nothing can prevent that change from occurring. It’s the one constant of this universe.

The law of impermanence can be liberating because it teaches us that life is a transitory phenomenon. There is not a single experience that will always be. There is no situation that you’ll always be in. Every experience that can ever be experienced will come to an end, one way or another, as life truly is fleeting. So don’t get too comfortable because sooner or later, things will shift.

Enjoy the short time that you’re here on this planet, and make the most of this opportunity knowing that we will all return to source sooner or later. Allow life to move forward and stop holding onto the past.

Law of reciprocity

This law acts as a balancing mechanism of the universe. You can view it as an orchestrating force that matches experiences depending on the energetic imbalances of the organism. Most people understand this dynamic as karma.

On a human scale, we understand the law of reciprocity as the give-and-take dynamic. If you give more than you take, or take more than you give, you’re creating an energetic imbalance. Energetically, you will be compensated for your deeds, and everything comes back around in some form.

As our universe is an educational system, we experience lessons. When you commit wrongdoing, the universe will respond as the energy will be reciprocated in some form, to experience the consequences of that wrongdoing.

So consider how much you take from life, and how much you give back. Whether it’s through your feelings, thoughts, actions, or deeds, you must reciprocate the energy received.

Law of polarity

With the existence of opposites, duality is created. And let’s face it, our universe is full of contrast which is what makes our experience here so colorful.

Contrast is what creates narrative. If there was no such thing as heat, neither would there be cold. If there was no such thing as up, neither would there be down. If there was no growth, there would be no decay. If there was no positive, there would be no negative.

You can’t just have one of these things because it wouldn’t make sense. That’s the principle of duality, that in order for a physical reality to exist, there must be a counterbalance.

Everything exists along a spectrum. With no polarity, this universe would simply not function.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction states that the universe operates on vibration, and attracts experiences that resonate with the vibration of any given thing.

This is the rule that like attracts like, and that the universe will always try to be congruent with the vibration of any given thing. There is a natural magnetism of the universe that attracts and repels situations that resonate on the same frequency. Therefore, vibrationally speaking, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

In this sense, if you’re experiencing high vibrational energies such as love and gratitude, the universe is going to mirror these energies. As a result, you may find more beautiful experiences coming into your life. Your perception and belief systems may change to accommodate this vibration. People and experiences that resonate with the vibration of love and gratitude will come into your reality.

But this also works the other way too. If you’re experiencing a low vibration, the universe wants to have a congruency with that low vibration. If you’re feeling energies of guilt or shame, you’re going to attract more experiences into your life that resonate at this frequency. These situations can come in many shapes and forms, but needless to say, they won’t be desirable.

Law of Gender

Of course, all life is divided into genders, but so are all things. Masculine energy is called yang, while feminine energy is called yin. Both of these energies have very different functions, yet they are complementary (or inseparable) to one another.

Yin energy is an inward energy while yang energy is an outward energy. Feminine energy in nature is organic, intuitive, reflective, and creative. Masculine energy on the other hand is the structured, constructive, driving component of the universe. Feminine energy creates life, while masculine energy sustains it.

Although we are born male or female, we experience both feminine energy and masculine energy and need to find a balance between these different energies. This means not to suppress a side of you, but work with it in harmony.

Law of Correspondence

You see this phenomenon from the smallest subatomic levels to the biggest scopes of the universe. Common patterns we see throughout nature are spirals, orbs, branches, and so forth. The same patterns tend to repeat themselves in countless forms throughout nature, regardless of where they are, what they are, or what form they take.

A tree has a pretty distinct form. But you will find the same form in neurons, in cells, in your blood vessels, in rivers, in the cosmos. You will see spirals in galaxies, to sea shells, to weather phenomena like hurricanes.

Another term for the law of correspondence is sacred geometry. By understanding this law, you will better understand the foundational designs that this universe is based on and the designs that are woven into the collective consciousness.